Danijel Zezelj Badassery on YouTube

Here’s some vids you’ve probably never seen featuring Danijel’s artwork.

Splinter Title Sequence

Design and animation by Jamieson Fry, illustrations by Danijel Zezelj.

Danijel’s artwork was taken and used in the motion graphics intro sequence from Michael D. Olmos’ film Splinter. The combination of images and music gives me goosebumps. Truly amazing. I caught this on DVD a few months ago. Nice gritty little crime flick. Michael’s dad Edward James Olmos (Colonel Adama) appears in the film as well.

The Shop of Wild Dreams

Here’s a second vid featuring Danijel doing a live painting session during an improvised oerformance by Jessica Lurie (sax) Andrew Drury (drums) Danilo Gallo (bass) Alfonso Santimone (piano). Gallery D406, Modena, Italy, Oct. 2006.

Danijel also now has a Facebook page (not profile) which will be updated regularly.



First Rex order came in from Diamond Distribution.

About 700 books are pre-sold already through the comic stores. We aren’t setting any sales records but you guys helped out a lot. Thanks a million to everyone who ordered. Book is due in stores in a month. I’m printing 3000 books and shipping a couple of thousand back to me in Vancouver. I’ll make sure to take photos so you can see what 2000 graphic novellas look like.

By May I’ll have 4 or 5 different ways for you to get our books and merch as I realize a hell of a lot of you don’t live near or frequent your local comic shop. We’ll have an online store up here in Canada that will ship worldwide, we’ll have another online hook up in the States as well. We’re working on Amazon. It’s all a learning process but we’re getting there. We’re opening as many channels as possible.

Out of the Gutter #4.

My favorite sleazy literature anthology, Out of the Gutter, just released a new volume. It’s a magazine that comes out in book form at 200 pages. Any niche writing journal that survives 4 issues must be doing something right.

And for writers who dabble in crime and depraved fiction, they take submissions. Here’s their website. You can also friend them here on myspace.

This volume comes with MY personal endorsement.

Badass webcomic discovery.

I love finding cool new comics to read. This one found me. Literally. They had taken out an ad on our webcomic site.
The comic is called Generator Project and it can be read over at Fifth Empire Media. It’s crazy good. The artwork reminds me of a cross between 2000AD Simon Bisley, Ash Wood and Bill Sienkiewicz. It just grabbed me immediately.

The artist Simon Andrews and I started emailing back and forth. I though he was British due to the nature of the art and he thought I was American due to the hardcore gunplay in our comics. Turns out we both live in Vancouver, Canada. Weird. We’re going out for beers this Saturday.

Have a great weekend everyone. Thanks again for stopping by.


I’ll start out this week by sending you on a few scouting missions. First off you need to read the essay, 1000 True Fans over at The Technium. It’s an excellent piece on the nature of how you’ll need to build and structure your readership and fan base to survive the brave new world.

And next is the intro chapter to Chris Anderson’s new book Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business. It’s waiting for you over at Wired.com. Chris Anderson is the author of The Long Tail. Another worthy read.

These essays will help you get into the right mindset about how you’re going to slowly grow your audience by giving away the farm upfront and making your cash on the backend.

The last 3 pages of Rex went up online tonight. It’s been a fun ride. We’ve been putting up pages since October. The page views exploded over the past 6 weeks. All 70 pages are available to read now. We’re anxiously awaiting the numbers from Diamond. We’ll overprint by quite a bit. I have to send out a lot of review copies.

Rex Sampler

The 4600 8-page Samplers hit comic stores last week. A little close to the wire. I would have loved to have had those done 3 weeks sooner but it was not to be. The glossy paper is the same as what we’ll be using for the graphic novella. From seeing the final product I can’t recommend Lebonfon highly enough. They’ve been awesome to work with.

Maybe if you ask your comic shop owner nicely they’ll show it to you…if they haven’t already thrown it into recycling. It made me realize how much I missed seeing black and white comics printed on glossy paper. And that’s why I got into this in the first place.