A Crapload of New Pen and Ink Drawings and Paintings

It’s been a while since we showed you what we’ve been up to creatively around these parts. While we’ve been quiet on the comics front in 2010 we’ve been off doing our various solo projects. Richard Serrao has been producing a tonne of black and white pen and ink art for various commissions, cons and movie review illustrations. He’ll have a lot of his original art with him at the upcoming Montreal Comiccon.

Chris Williams has been mainly branching out into painting series and prints. Fiona Ho has been producing single image illustrations and paintings for group art shows that have been going on in the Vancouver area. And I’ve been the least prolific out of the four of us doing a pen and ink illustration here and there.

We’ve been working behind the scenes on some new comics stuff that we’re not quite ready to show off yet.
In the meantime here’s some of our newest creations. Enjoy.

Richard Serrao

richard-serrao-hellboy-pen-and-inkHellboy commission, pen and ink

richard-serrao-death-sentence-pen-and-inkKevin Bacon from DEATH SENTENCE review, pen and ink.

richard-serrao-heath-ledger-joker-pen-and-ink-2Heath Ledger as The Joker, pen and ink

Rich’s take on Starkweather from Battles Without Living Witnesses, 17″ x 11″, pen and ink

Fiona Ho

dirty-pop-green-1Dominatrix for the ‘Dirty Pop’ art show, acrylic on canvas

fiona-ho-pen-ink-heather-1The ‘Mad Hatter’ drawn for ‘Wonderland’ art show, pen and ink.

fiona-ho-pen-ink-mori-1Rapunzel illustration for ‘Wonderland’ art show, pen and ink and wash.

Chris Williams

chris-williams-art-wonderland-1Alice from Wonderland as you’ve never quite seen her, ink and paint.

chris-williams-art-wonderland-2A nightmarish take on Alice in Wonderland, ink and paint.

Jason Thibault

And finally I helped out Matt from Out of the Gutter with a ‘base’ illustration for his new publishing imprint Gutter Books. He took it and ran with it.
jason-thibault-dodging-bullets-cover-inkProposed cover for Joe McKinney’s novel Dodging Bullets, pen and ink

Fun With Wordle: What Does Your Website Say About You?

It’s always interesting to see how a third party looks at your website even if it’s just software.

Wordle was a site created by Jonathan Feinberg who while employed by IBM Research coded this as a personal project. Here’s a description from the site:

Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends.

If you go to the ‘Create‘ tab you can plug in your website’s URL or the RSS feed from your blog and see what kind of cool graphic it spits back out.

Here’s what I ended up with for Optimum Wound.

And here is the one that resulted from plugging in our sister site Blunt Force Beating. It’s a little more intense.

And finally a good slide-show presentation on some more badass ways that you can utilize this cool site and tool. Have fun.

AMC Releases 4-Minute Trailer for The Walking Dead

And finally the moment all of you zombie fanatics have been waiting for. AMC has released the 4-minute trailer for the Walking Dead.

I know thousands of you are stoked for this coming Halloween.

From the AMC site.

Close your windows, lock your doors and clear your schedules. Come this Halloween, you’ll have more to fear than trick-or-treaters. AMC has announced that its newest original series, The Walking Dead, will premiere on Halloween night, Sun., Oct. 31 at 10PM | 9C. The Sunday night series will debut with a 90-minute premiere episode. Subsequent episodes will be one-hour long presentations.

Comic Artist, Webcomic and Cartoonist MEETUP Groups Around the World

In late 2009 Sean Fidler and I became aquainted with Meetup.com. A site that allows you to coordinate meet and greets with like-minded folk in your local area. While we weren’t in groups with fellow writers and comic creators we did manage to meet some interesting and colorful characters.

Here’s a good description of what it is they do (taken from their website)

Meetup is the world’s largest network of local groups. Meetup makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face. More than 2,000 groups get together in local communities each day, each one with the goal of improving themselves or their communities.

It can be prohibitively expensive to make it out to a lot of conventions around the country (and planet). This shouldn’t stop you from networking. And while forums and social networks can bridge a lot of those gaps, nothing quite replaces meeting face to face.

Start Your Own Meetup Group if There Isn’t One in Your Area

If there are Meetup groups in your area then I’d highly advise you to check them out. Even if you do want to start one of your own you should probably see how others are run. There can be a lot of groundwork to be done when getting one of these off the ground. Meeting areas have to be sourced out and often they will come with a rental fee for the evening.

But if there is nothing that fits your area of interest and you want to bring like-minded people together you may have to start your own Meetup Group.

I decided to have a look around their site for Meetup groups for comic artists and cartoonists. I found quite a few. A lot of them are concentrated in States like California and Texas and cities such as London, UK. But even Wisconson had two different options.

UNITED STATES Meetup Groups for Comic Artists

Scottsdale/East Valley Comic Book Fans, Phoenix, AZ

The Los Feliz Lifedrawing Meetup, Los Angeles
Comics Makers Los Angeles, Los Angeles
Prime Cuts: Graphic Novel Book Club for the Rapacious Reader, Los Angeles
Los Angeles Graphic Novel Book Club, Los Angeles
Los Angeles Film, Animation, Music and Entertainment, Pasadena
Semantink’s Comic Savvy, San Diego
Southern California Cartoonists Society Meetup Group, San Diego
Graphic Novels, San Francisco
Metro’s Pop Art Symposium, Santa Barbara

Squid Works Comics Cooperative, Denver

AD Designers and Creative Thinkers Group, Newark

Graphic Novel Creatives, Atlanta
The DoActCrazy Group – Augusta, Augusta

Indy Webcomics Group, Indianapolis

Kinky Arts, Chicago

WiP Boston Figure Drawing, Boston
Artists, Rock Stars & Geeks, Shrewsbury

Twin Cities Webcomics Meetup Group, Minneapolis

Comicbook Artists Guild New York Metro, New York
Capital District Drink And Draw, Schenectady
Staten Island comics group, Staten Island

The New Jersey Drawing Society Group, Glen Ridge

Portland Web Comic Group, Portland
portland graphic writers, Portland

XION, The Philadelphia Comic Book Group, Philadelphia
The Philadelphia Animation Meetup Group, Philadelphia
The Philadelphia Science Fiction Society, Philadelphia

Organized Play Comic Discussion Meetup Group, Knoxville
BB Sketchers Art Club, Knoxville

Austin Life Drawing, Austin
The DFW Sketch Group, Lewisville
North DFW Comic Book Group, McKinney
San Antonio Comic Book Guys (and Gals), San Antonio
A.C.E.S (Anime Culture Enthusiasts Society), San Antonio
First Storm Manga, San Antonio

And then there were cupcakes!, Midlothian
Richmond Drink and Draw Sketch Group, Richmond
757 Comic & Cartoon Creators, Virginia Beach

Artists for Enlightenment, Langley
The Seattle Web Comics Meetup Group, Seattle

Comic & Graphic Novel Self-Publishing Stalwarts, Washington D.C.

Mad City Comics Group, Madison
Waukesha Graphic Novel Get Together, Waukesha

INTERNATIONAL Meetup Groups for Comic Artists

I’m surprised that I only found one listed in Canada but I’m sure that will grow this year.

Studio Technique-Drawing, Montréal, QC

The International London Comics Grid, London, UK
Cartoon figure drawing, London, UK
Manga Artists and Animators Meetup Group, London, UK
the Cartoon Heart Club, London, UK
Manga Artists and Animators Meetup Group, London, UK

Simon Bisley Paints a Badass Movie Poster for CENTURION

simon bisley painting for Centurion movie
painted by Simon Bisley

Hot damn is it good to have the Biz back. Simon Bisley was one of several artists who got me back into comics in the early 1990’s. I had read through a friend’s Slaine Horned God trilogy and then eagerly hunted down any issues of Lobo that Simon had drew.

I meant to post this the other day but I was too busy rebuilding this site. I was on the Biz’s Facebook Fanpage and saw this new poster in the newsfeed. It’s a work of beauty. Olga Kurylenko’s character looks…stacked.

It almost harkens back to his glory days on Slaine Horned God.

Come to think of it, the original poster was pretty damned cool as well. So the new poster by Biz is just the cherry on top.

About The Film

CENTURION is set during the war between Roman soldiers and Pict tribesmen during the 2nd century Roman conquest of Britain. Michael Fassbender stars as Quintus Dias, Roman centurion and son of a legendary gladiator who leads a group of soldiers on a raid of a Pict camp to rescue a captured general (Dominic West). The son of the Pict leader is murdered during the raid, and the Romans find themselves hunted by a seemingly unstoppable group of the Pict’s most vicious and skilled warriors, led by a beautiful and deadly tracker (Olga Kurylenko), and hell bent on revenge.