12 Great Videos on Inking Comics

The other week I decided to hunt around online and see what types of videos were floating around featuring artists both drawing and discussing their process. Thought it be cool to share a dozen of them with you. I’m always on the lookout for more.


Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá are two of the most underrated artists in mainstream comics. Here’s a vid of them working on their comic Casanova, a book the collaborate with writer Matt Fraction on.

More Fábio inking

In case you didn’t get enough with the last video, here’s more of Fábio Moon brush-inking another page of Casanova.

Jim Lee drawing batman

This is a quick one of Jim Lee at San Jose’s Super Con rocking a sketchpad. He’s always astounded me with his free-form sketches and I wish he’d do comic one day utilizing his speedy stylings.

Jeff Smith Inks a Panel

Here’s a nice POV and sped-up video of Jeff Smith (BONE) inking a panel of Shazam. He is extremely adept at brush art.


Now we’re seeing a true master at work. Bill Sienkiewicz does a nice rendering of Elektra. I can only imagine what that must have cost. I wish I had gone up to speak with him at a recent con in Toronto. He’s a true original and I’m glad that he still occasionally works in the comics field.

Creating Comic Books : White Ink & Pen on Your Comic Book

Here’s the first video (of a few) that I came across on technique that struck me as well done. Artist Mark Poulton demonstrates laying down white ink over finished black inks.

Razor Blade Inking Technique

An explanation and demonstration of using a razor blade on your inks to create effects.

Chad Cole: Brush Inking Demonstration

Artist Chad Cole inks a page of Spider-Man demonstrating the various line widths that he can achieve with a single brush.

Tim Vigil Inking (Time Lapse)

Here’s a time lapse video of underground comic legend Tim Vigil (FAUST) inking Conan. Anyone familiar with Vigil’s work will know about the intense amount of detail that he puts into each page.

Creating Comic Books : Inking Comics With Brushes

Here’s another video from the “Expert Village” series on comic creation. Mark Poulton discusses working with a brush and bringing out light and texture in a drawing.

Judge Dredd Warzone Inking Video

Here’s a lengthy video of PJ Holden inking a panel from Judge Dredd Warzone. This one is in real time so it clocks in at over 30 minutes.

Making Comics with Doug Tennapel

Earlier this year an excellent video featuring Doug Tenapel discussing everything that goes into creating a comic page.

Now that video is so easy to post online I’ll look forward to both creating a lot of my own and watching other artists share their ideas and techniques on camera.

Jason Thibault is the publisher of Optimum Wound Comics. Earlier this year he wrote a guide for comic artists on surviving in tough times. You can follow him on Twitter.



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