Weekly Roundup: Bleeding Cool, Chuck Palahniuk and French Batman

Most of the talk in the comics blogosphere and news sites centered around Rich Johnston’s new site, BleedingCool.com. His residency and column Lying in the Gutters has come to an end at Comic Book Resources.
Warren Ellis has returned to writing a weekly column at Bleeding Cool entitled Do Anything. Looks like it’s going to be a fun ride.

Publishers Weekly had a great article on underground comix and how they transformed the landscape of American comics.

Webcomics.com has a piece on how artists should protect their backs literally. I can`t emphasize enough to artists to spend the money on a good chair. After spending hours hunched over a kitchen table drawing and then using a crappy art stool I finally broke down in the late 1990`s and dropped 500 bucks on an engineer`s chair with adjustable everything.

Laura Hudson over at Comics Alliance wonders when comics will be available on game consoles.

We also got a sneak preview of Nathan Fox’s FLUORESCENT BLACK, PART 2 – ONE WAY OUT!! Looks like killer work. And it will also make an amazing collection when all is said and done. I`ve heard Nathan`s work described as Paul Pope on steroids.

Chris Sims reviews a Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose live on twitter a page at a time. Hilarious.

Erica Friedman over at Okazu details out the Top 7 Things Every Young Artist or Writer Needs To Know. There`s some great stuff in there that even us older fellas can take to heart.

Be sure to hit up the fantastic interview with Bob Fingerman conducted by Tom Spurgeon over at the Comic Reporter.
I forgot that Bernie Wrightson had worked on the Punisher P.O.V. back in the day. Here’s an awesome cover that he did.

And finally the Comics on Handhelds: Taking Webcomics Mobile – South by Southwest podcast is now live.

A creepy new Elvis poster poster from Print Mafia was featured over at OMG Posters. I want it but I think it would give me the heebie jeebies after a while. The new David D’Andrea hand-painted posters on the other hand are gorgeous.

Greg Beato over at Reason Online does a quick retrospective of Juxtapoz magazine and how they sparked a lowbrow art revolution.

LittlePixel took Classic Albums and re-imagined them as old paperback covers. Here’s the flickr set.
Take the Munsell hue test and see if you got what it takes to be a colorist.

Writing & Publishing

ChuckPalaniuk.net had a short story contest.

The Washington Street Journal posted Reinventing the Magazine; covering 5 publications That Push the Boundaries of the Print Medium.

Social Media

Glenn Gabe over at Search Engine Journal gives his take on who actually Owns Your Twitter Account.

Wired covers Scientology`s s tumultuous relationship with Wikipedia and there recent banning. B

Mashable reviews The Top 6 Game-Changing Features of Google Wave. WAVE has to be making the keepers of Facebook stay up late at night as it is almost certainly a FB killer.

TechDirt asks when you can hold every song ever recorded in your pocket… Does $1/Song Still Make Sense?

The Good Stuff

100 Best Movie Lines In 200 Seconds

Twitch has an early INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS Review

Batman meets Sin City, in French. Cool little trailer for a new fan film.

And finally Leo gives us 8 strategies for Clearing the Queues in Your Life.

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