Florian Bertmer’s Badass Greedo “Han Shot First” Star Wars Print

Florian Bertmer is an incredible artist and I’ve been a fan of his for several years. I was exposed to his work through his various album covers and t-shirt designs.

Today OMG Posters hipped us to his amazing new print done for the Alamno Drafthouse Star Wars print series.

Florian Bertmer’s “Han Shot First” is a 24? x 34? eight color screenprint, has an edition of 400, and will cost $50. It goes up Thursday, December 2nd at a random time.

In a blog post shows various sketches and stages that the piece went through.

http://mondotees.com/ would be the site to keep an eye if you’re looking to snap this up on Thursday.

And here’s the original drawing.

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