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Our extremely talented friend Anville is selling some incredible prints

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I love finding cool shit in my inbox. I was reading through the morning’s emails and came across a nice one from our talented friend Anville. His latest print Lafourcade is now up for sale.

He has a couple of dozen of the 4-color color screenprint on 100lb french charcoal brown. And a nice number of variants as well including an Artist Proof (black ink only) on archival cotton rag paper.

He writes:

After 3 months of working on the separations, Lafourcade I prints are in. The original art was lost years ago, but I found this file by a miracle after it was deleted in a hard disk crash. Luckily it was a nice size and was able to clean it up and refinish the art for printing.

A lot of the image was sharpened up and some text was completely redone. A total of 11 weeks was spent cleaning up the file and smoothing out the whole image with new color seps.

Seizure Palace did not disappoint with the print, and it shows.

For more info head on over to Anville’s site.

In the meantime enjoy some of the pics that he sent us of all the variations.


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