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Tim Bradstreet Interviews AND Draws Metal Icon Rob Halford for Royal Flush

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Back in August artist and illustrator Tim Bradstreet announced on his blog that Royal Flush Magazine had tapped him to illustrate a few pieces for an interview with metal god Rob Halford. Tim also convinced Royal Flush publisher, Josh Bernstein to let him do the interview with the Judas Priest frontman. Tim says:

I didn’t want to talk about all those things you’ve seen a million times in interviews, ie, “What’s it like being a metal god?” Forget that. I wanted to climb inside the creative mind of a true artist and delve into subjects that aren’t often discussed, let alone easily articulated. I’m happy to report that this mission was accomplished.

Tim Bradstreet Rob Halford interview

Book Seven hits stands next Tuesday, October 12th at all finer shops.

we jam packed this sucker with interviews with Danny McBride, Lisa Lampanelli, John Waters, Roddy Piper, Tim Bradstreet interviewing Rob Halford, Roger Corman, Inside the Mind of Danny Bonaduce, Devo, Tenacious D salute Dio, Cheech & Chong, Frank Miller interviewing Jim Steranko, Lewis Black, Corey Taylor, Mike Birbiglia, Scott Ian, King Diamond, Volbeat, Slash, Lee Ving and many more.

Tim Bradtreet illustration of Rob Halford

Tim Bradstreet’s illustration of Rob Halford, Crowquill, Brush, and ink on board/graphic design/multimedia.

This marks the third time Bradstreet has been hit up to collaborate with one his musical heroes. Back in 2006 he illustrated the cover of Iron Maiden’s A Matter of Life and Death.

Tim Bradstreet cover for Iron Maiden's A Matter of Life and Death

And last year Revolver Magazine asked him to recreate the cover to Pantera’s A Vulgar Display of Power for the cover of a tribute issue of the legendary metal band. It’s awesome to see Bradstreet living out his and our collective dreams.

Tim Bradstreet's Pantera cover for Revolver magazine


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